Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pollo ai peperoni

There's nothing better and more comforting after a hard and long day at work than to come back home to a nice meal. I really enjoy when you're about to enter the door and you can smell the aroma of whatever today's "chef" is surprising, leaving you pleasantly guessing. One of my favorite is the smell of a bakery, when they make bread or any pastry. It's very comforting and somewhat reassuring. One of my favorite meals that fits into this category is chicken with bell peppers. I like to simmer the chicken very slowly, first in oil and then add some white wine, just for the multiple-layered experience to have every room filled with different aromas. The outcome, of course is outstanding


6 to 8 chicken drumsticks
3 bell peppers, possibly different colors
1 onion
Extra virgin olive oil
1 garlic clove
1 can of crushed tomatoes  ( 4 fresh tomatoes if you prefer)
half a cup of white wine

Using a large round pot, let the oil get warm before tossing the garlic carefully minced. Once the garlic gets a golden color, peel and slice the onion, toss it in the pot, and let it simmer for about five minutes at medium heat, without making it too brownish. Meanwhile cut the bell peppers, getting rid of all the small seeds, into half an inch large strips. Next, gently lay the chicken drumsticks and let them cook in the oil, making sure they get that crispy brown color given by the oil. Make sure you turn the drumsticks around every now and then to guarantee that color uniformly. Once the chicken looks nicely cooked pour the white wine on top and let it reduce for about three minutes. Now it's time to toss the peppers in the pot, mixing them with the chicken , making sure that the heat is not too high. Cover with a lid letting a little gap for the steam to get out for about eight minutes, stirring every now and then the peppers with the chicken. Finally, pour the tomato sauce on top and mix all the content of the pot with it. I like to leave the  lid on, because the steam falling back into the pot guarantees some moisture while cooking. Now you can put the heat a little higher, but make sure that you check that the sauce doesn't dry out too soon, adding a little bit of water now and then. The chicken will be ready when the sauce is a brick red color, and small tender pieces of the chicken begin to separate from the drumstick bones. Pair up with a nice Cabernet and Focaccia bread.


  1. Giá fatto.
    Just did it, still cooking, we'll see the result! Thanks for the recipe,
    Basak : )

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