Risi e Bisi ( rice and peas)

I know that comfort food is overrated, but I really can't emphasize how much it means to me when I face new challenges and obstacles in my daily life. Nobody should be denied a plate so simple yet so effective in bringing back memories and good times. This dish is certainly one of my favorite, very simple to cook and full of flavor.

Ingredients for 4 people:

One onion finely chopped
1 1/2 cup of Arborio Rice
Vegetable broth (optional)
Half a pound of green peas, fresh better, frozen is also fine
Half a cup of fresh grated parmesan cheese
Vegetable bouillon cube
2 tbsp of butter

First heat about 4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil in a pan and add the chopped onion. Let the onion saute until it is golden and soft. When the onion looks ready add the peas, mixing them gently with the onion and let it cook for about five to ten minutes at medium/low temperature. Meanwhile, in another pot, prepare the broth, either with stock or water adding the bouillon, it's your choice. While the peas are cooking, add some of the broth, so the flavor gets already in the mixture before you add the rice. When the peas are soft and you can smell their aroma, add the rice and start stirring everything always adding your broth while you stir the rice, making sure that the consistency is always creamy and the rice doesn't stick to the pot. After about 15 minutes of continually stirring, taste the rice. When it tastes tender, you can add the parmesan cheese and stir for another minute. If not, continue to add broth and stir until it cooks. Right before serving it, add a small piece of butter and mix it until it melts.Some fresh parsley can be sprinkled on top. Serve with a nice cold Chardonnay or Prosecco wine.

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