After a rich meal, there is nothing more appealing than a nice refreshing sgroppino. Sgroppino is native to northeast Italy, and is very popular throughout the Veneto region.  It can be served as a dessert, or even after a dessert as a sort of refreshing palate cleanser. When I make sgroppino, I serve it in a small champagne flute, which I fill about half full. While it might seem like part of a summery menu, I really enjoy sgroppino all year round. It is never out of place at my table.


(makes 4-6 servings)
2 cups (1 pint) lemon sorbet
2-3 ounces vodka
3 ounces prosecco

Let the lemon sorbet stand at room temperature for about 20 minutes to soften. I use my hand mixer and the  big cup that one might use to make shakes to make the sgroppino. With the hand mixer combine the sorbet, vodka and prosecco. The consistency should be somewhat thick, but you should still be able to drink it  without needing a spoon. Pour sgroppino into serving glass of your choice, and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint if you like.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the recipe,I lost my recipe and you
    refreshed my memory, thanks Jim


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