Hawaii shrimp trucks

People from all over the world come to Hawaii every year to admire the beauty and enjoy the charm of these wonderful Pacific  islands. I certainly enjoy going there whenever possible and soak up the calm and relaxing effect that this place has on me. I noticed that every time I go there my whole persona relaxes and gets used to a nicer and slower pace. Red light lasts longer than 30 seconds? No problem ! Long lines at attractions? Enjoy the surroundings. Naturally, no traveling experience would be complete without having tried the local flavors. Obviously, the seafood is the way to go around here (but do not neglect short ribs when available). On a recent trip to Oahu, I enjoyed a beautifully prepared whole red snapper , fried, majestically decorated , garnished with a nice sweet pineapple sauce. The Mai Tai and the beautiful sunset did the rest.

However, one of the most intriguing experiences that you certainly should not miss is having lunch at one of the famous shrimp trucks, widely available on the island of Oahu. We stopped on our way to Haleiwa and we found 3 or 4 of them close to each other.
The one that was the most attractive ( and most crowded too) was Giovanni's Shrimp truck, a graffiti-covered white shrimp truck which is the oldest and one of the best known shrimp trucks on Oahu's North Shore. They are famous for their garlic shrimp , and they have plenty of garlic, ask your significant others the next morning...! I also enjoyed a nice hot dog, which tasted really good. I definitively recommend a stop to this suggestive place if you are in the proximity.

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  1. I have been in Hawaii .I can say that this is one of the best places in the world to take vacations, there the food is delicious


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