Robiola cheese wrapped in bresaola

One of the greatest food experience anybody could have is to go to Italy or France and explore the huge variety of cheeses available. The appealing aspect of this adventure is that when you travel specifically through these two countries, languages, customs, and of course culinary traditions vary dramatically, even within small distances.
In France , for example, the local fromagerie will always offer an endless and exquisite variety of cheeses, just stopping on one of these stores is a journey within your traveling. I grew up in Italy,and for me the flavor of cheese paired or mixed with other ingredients has always been part of the cuisine I was exposed to since I was born. For whatever reason, though, I was never particularly attracted to soft or very creamy cheeses, maybe because of the particular refined taste and texture that these cheeses offered. Now, however, there are very few of these cheeses, if any,that I don't enjoy, even on a daily basis. One of my favorite is the Robiola an Italian soft-ripened cheese of the stracchino family, made with varying proportions of cow’s, goat’s milk and sheep milk.Varieties of Robiola are produced across Piemonte and into Lombardia. It has a tangy taste, pungent smell and if one can overcome the smell, the taste is delectable. In this recipe the cheese will be wrapped with Bresaola, an air-dried salted beef, aged about three months , dark colored, very flavorful. Since Robiola is not widely available , you can substitute with creamy cheese of your choice available locally.
Ingredients for 4 people
1/2 lb of fresh bresaola meat  cut paper thin
1/2lb of fresh Robiola cheese or other fresh creamy cheese of your choice.
drizzle of  extra virgin olive oil
Pepper to taste
Take each bresaola slice, place a teaspoon of cheese and gently over the bresaola, without spreading.Gently roll the bresaola meat over the cheese so as to form a nice wrap. Do this with every piece of bresaola and the rest of the cheese. Before serving, gently sprinkle the wraps with some pepper and extra virgin olive oil.


  1. Easy to prepare but tasty, good idea!

  2. The best things in Italy are simple (someone else went through all the hard work of making amazing cheese and robiola.
    And when it's hot outside, your don't want to be in front of the stove anyway


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